Stentle goes distributed

The time has come.

We’ve built a monolith, and it works (sure it does :-) ).

But we needed to deeply think about scale our platform. We’ve studied a lot in this last period and the conclusion is: microservices.

A lot of stuff to be learn, a lot of code to be written and, last but not the least, our mindset must change to design software that can work in a fragile world.

And this without lose sight of business strategy, on contrary being an enabler.

So exciting!!!

Starting from today I’ll write a blog of our decision and our discover in the beautiful world of distributed architectures built for handle millions of requests.

As a quick preview what follows is our new Reference Architecture

Hope you’ll enjoy the show.



Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of (a M-Cube Group company since 2019) — AI Advisor - Retail Transformation & E-Commerce Expert

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