Me fine tuning the presentation

The Event and the Venue

The story I’ve told

Stentle & APIs

Story I’ve listened to

During the Bluemix Hands-on Lab
  • Building the world’s largest grocery site in React (Robbie McCorkell): very interesting they did a great job on Tesco mobile
  • No-Backend Web Architecture (Daniele Dellafiore) a success with a lot of attendants, and since in some way it was related to API and Stentle buisness model I was very happy not only for Daniele :-)
  • Cloud — Build a Microservices System with Bluemix a two-hours lab on IBM Bluemix that was relaxing and quite interesting
  • Designing Microservices based systems (Thiyagu Palanisamy) that told about ThoughWorks experience in refactoring PAM IT System from Monolithic to MicroServices)




Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of (a M-Cube Group company since 2019) — AI Advisor - Retail Transformation & E-Commerce Expert

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